Tomorrow when the war began by John Marsden

Just to make it clear; I don't like to read. Though, when I find a good book I won't let it slip out of my hands. This book was one of those books, I don't wanted to stop reading it.

It's about Ellie, just a common teenage girl who lives on a ranch in Australia. Since Ellie and her friends are getting closer to their school-exam they are planning a camping trip out in the wild. Ellie gathers her friends and they start their trip towards a location the locals call "Hell". Out in their encampment in Hell they are totally isolated from media and the world. After a couple of days they return back home. Something isn't right. There are no people in the town, everyone is gone. Is there any connection to all of the battle planes they've seen one night crossing the sky over Hell? Who and what are they?

The book is fantastically exciting and well written about the setting and persons. Nothing left behind. As I said before; I don't like to read, but this book really caught my interest. I recommend it. Give it a chance and you're stuck!

Oskar, SAE11 Ri


Just jealous by Anne Cassidy

Elise Hanson is a 17 year old girl who lives in Great Britain with her mother and brother, her dad has been missing since she was a little girl.
Elise is secretly in love with her best friend Carl who lives next door. Carl is the popular guy in school and he has new girlfriends all the time but they never seem to last. Carl has never shown any interest in Elise, but since her sixteenth birthday they have kissed now and then but unfortunately it doesn’t mean the same thing to Carl as it does for Elise.

Elise’s brother has been serving the army but is now behind bars. On the first visit day in prison Elise has to decline her plans with Carl which leads to him going with the new girl Sandy instead. Elise’s brother asks his sister to bring this box which is hidden in his closet and while she’s searching through the box she finds a gun. How far can jealousy really take you?

This is an exciting book about love. The author describes the feelings and the environment very well which gives you a big picture of what it looks and feels like. We get to know Elise as a person and while reading you’ll start to feel for her. I think it was a good choice reading this book because it takes you away from everyday life for a second and gives you a possibility to think of other things then yourself.

Sara, SAE11 Ri


Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

When Francesca woke up that morning something was different. There was no music playing and there was no Mia with her pep talk, saying stuff as you have to catch the day or “do something that scares you”. It was a new chapter in Francescas life ,she was starting high school. As everybody knows its not easy being a teenager, besides the acne, trying to fit in and the body changing, Francesca now has to deal with starting high school without her friends. All her friends go to Pius while she and some geeks from her former school changed to st: Sebastian (old boys only school) she has no other choice but to hang out with the geeky girls from her old school. How is she going to make it without her friends and what are they going to say when they see her with the geeks.

As if that's not hard enough Francescas mother Mia goes into a depression. Mia has always been the rock in the family and without her Francesca doesn’t really know who she is or what she wants to do. Slowly by time Francesca is starting to forget who she is, it has always been her mother and friends that have decided who she is but now at this new school she has to figure it out by herself. Her whole world was upside down when she met Will Trombal a boy she falls in love with and kissed at a party, but it turned out that he has a girlfriend and now he has to choose between her or Francesca.

It's a story about finding new friends , letting them in and realizing which one her real friends are. Is she ever going to like or trust her new geeky friends and will, Will Trombal ever break up with his girlfriend so they can be together? What caused Mia (mother) the depression and will she ever be normal again? It is also about having to grow up earlier than she was suppose to do but at the same time she has to deal with being a teenager. She gets to find out who she really is and what she wants to do. What would you have done if one of your parents went into a depression?  It's a book that really makes you think and if you love romance, drama and comedy books it's a book for you.

Sylvie, SAE11 Ri

The Woman in Black

Is written by the English author Susan Hill in 1983. I would call this book a classic horror story, why? Well it's simple, I think that the book has many classic horror moves. It's not like these new fancy scary movies and books with monsters and ugly looking creatures. It's simple but still classic, a ghost who haunts a small farmer town in the 19th century.

So what's the book about then? The book has its beginning on Christmas eve when the main character who is called Arthur Kipps, gets reminded of a horrible experience and this is the first time he dares to retell the story after all those years. From the start Arthur doesn't believe in supernatural things, Arthur is a normal man or shall I say was? Who is working as a lawyer in London and has a wife and son. He's loyal to his work and family. He's not a quitter, he fulfills his assignments at any cost. One day Arthur gets an assignment from his firm, he's supposed to travel to a small town called Crythin Gifford. Arthur is supposed to attend at the deceased widow funeral and manage all the paper work. When Arthur arrives to the town he directly notice something is wrong, but what?

So read this classic horror book and find out what happens to Arthur. The tension builds up for every time you read a page or a chapter, at the same time you have this classic creepy, disgusting feeling that something horrible awaits right around the corner. What is going to happen? Will I be okay? Oh crap...

Marcus, SAE11 Ri