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What would you do, if one day your mind no longer was  your own?
My name is Melanie Stryder, I'm seventeen years old and from Tuscon, Arizona. I am also one of the survivors, still on the run. There are not many of us left and everyday our numbers are steadily decreasing.

The beasts that we are running from are clever, too clever. We only got one rule, never let them catch you. If they do, you will become one of them, you will suffer a faith worse than death itself. They will take over your body, mind and soul. You will no longer be the one in control. So we are running, constantly.

This is a book for the adventurous ones, it captures the reader within the first line and holds you by your breath until the very last word. It’s a fascinating mixture between tension, sorrow and deep unconditional love. It takes the reader on a journey together with the fleeing Melanie, a girl with a mind of steel and an incredible determination to never give up. A journey that will inspire you to find your inner strength.

Stephenie Meyer has done it again, the author of the “Twilight series” has now written another bestseller. “The host” is a marvellous piece, written in an entrancing way with incredible environment and character descriptions. Meyers has used her brilliant writing skills and created a book which will capture anybody's heart. She has managed to turn the otherwise so boy dominated genre sci-fi, into a piece for everybody. It does not matter if you are young/old/girl/boy, this book will surely catch your attention and keep it until the end of the very last page.

Nathalie Oscarsson, ESA11 Ri


Artemis Fowl av Eoin Colfer

Jag har läst en ungdomsserie med titeln Artemis Fowl, eller rättare sagt, jag har läst den en hel del. Det helt enkelt går inte att läsa sig mätt på dessa halvt oseriös, halvt allvarliga fantasyromaner! Den irländske författaren Eoin Colfer ger oss en berättelse som handlar om det kriminella geniet med den mest intelligenta hjärnan världen någonsin har skådat. Han stjäl vad han vill och när han vill, men när girigheten tar överhanden och han kidnappar en vätte för att få guld, går allting över styr. Och… Nämnde jag att han bara var tolv år?
Underbarnet Artemis hade missbedömt dessa vättar totalt. Detta är inte vättarna man får höra i godnattsagorna, detta är högteknologiska vättar, beväpnade och livsfarliga. Och vätten han kidnappat är dessutom en PYSSling, vid namn löjtnant Holly Short från PYSS (Polisiära Yt Spanings Styrkan). Så när Artemis tror att han vet precis var han har dom, slutar de plötsligt att spela enligt reglerna.
Boken är väldigt originell, har både smarta och flummiga dialoger och beskrivande karaktärer och miljöer. Det märks att författaren haft en hel del kul under skrivandet av de åtta böckerna. Dock önskar jag att de hade varit lite längre, de tar slut alldeles för snabbt! Det är dessutom inte ofta man får läsa en bok med skurken som huvudperson. Men allteftersom åren går börjar Artemis sakta mjukna, med vättarnas hjälp… Den här boken vågar jag säga, kan mäta sig med böcker som Harry Potter, om den får en chans. Relationen mellan karaktärerna är nästan magisk, hjärtat både krymper och expanderas eftersom, och skrattattacker blir det inte lite av!
Det går ett rykte om att Artemis Fowl ska filmatiseras, och författaren Eoin Colfer har faktiskt gått med på detta och säger att manuset redan är färdigt, och att allt de behöver nu är grönt ljus.

//Matilda Dahlén, praoelev från Navet 8b


The perks of being a wallflower – Stephen Chobsky

This is a book where you both feel sad and happy. There’s nothing in between. Charlie is a boy that begins high school with nothing. No friends and no feelings. His best friend Michael has killed himself and Charlie thinks that no one sees him. When Charlie starts high school he gets to know the senior siblings Sam and Patrick and they start to hang out with each other. They show the world that Charlie hasn’t seen before and they feel infinite. Life is good and Charlie doesn’t feel the depression he has felt a very long time. It’s gone and the world sees him again. Until one day when Charlie’s feelings for Sam grows bigger and the whole group of friends splits. Charlie is back where he began and alone again. With his family and siblings on his side he tries to figure things out. Charlie writes a lot to release feelings that makes him sad, but the world that one’s saw him doesn’t really care anymore. It takes time for Charlie to fix the friendship with Sam and Patrick but in the end it’s them and their friendship.

This book has so many feelings and you can feel it when you read it. Stephen Chobsky writes very well and the book is such a good story that you don’t want to quit. This book is a story about life and to find out what makes you infinite. It makes you want to let go of many things to find the infinity in life. I really recommend this book if you want something realistic and very good written. It’s a book you can read whenever you want to because it doesn’t require so much from you when you read it. So just do it, because this story will make you want to find infinity and it will make you happy.

Linnéa Svensson, ESA11 Ri

Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy

JENNIFER JONES FREE AFTER SIX YEARS - is this justice?” These words were what sixteen-year old Alice Tully had to read about in the newspapers when she got released from jail (juvenile detention) after six years. The problem was that Jennifer Jones, now is Alice Tully.
Alice Tully works as a waitress in Croydon (England) and seems to have a normal teenage-life. But she hasn’t.  She has just been released from jail for a crime she committed when she was ten-years old. She has left her family and has now a carer that she lives with. She wants to start a new life and doesn’t want the people in it to know what she has done in her earlier life – she actually doesn’t want them to know that she had an earlier life. Though, a few people are close to find out.
Through the book we get to follow both Alice Tully and her ten-year-old I, Jennifer Jones through her life, with an egocentric mother and her two friends, Michelle and Lucy. We get to wonder through the whole book why she was in jail for 6 years. What crime can she have committed to deserve such a harsh penalty? Will the people that are close to find out about her background, find out? Will her mother care about anyone but herself? There is only one way to find out…
Miranda P, ESA11 Ri


Before I die by Jenny Downham

 “I wish I had a boyfriend. I wish he lived in the wardrobe on a coat hanger. Whenever I wanted, I could get him out and he´d look at me the way boys do in films, as if I was beautiful.”
Tessa is a sixteen year old girl who needs to wake up every morning with the heavy burden of leukemia, cancer. With a few months left to breathe she decides to make a list of all the things she wants to do in her life. The top thing is, as she expresses it, “I want to feel the weight of a boy on top of me”. With other words she wants to have sex. With help from her friend Zoey, she starts to tick off the different things from the list.

A roller-coaster of feelings is how I would summarize the book. At some point it´s so funny I can’t stop laughing, but the next second I’m so angry I can´t read any more. Tessa is a very emotional person and so is Zoey, sometimes they are just too much. The book and the characters and all the emotions draws out strange feelings from you, I can´t say if it´s a book that I love or hate.

This is not a book that you will fall asleep to while reading. It happens new things all the time and you can´t see what´s next. In every chapter there is a new occurrence with a new feeling. I think that the author has captured the feeling with having cancer very exact, how it really is a roller-coaster. You could never say that you know how it feels if you have not experienced it, but you can really feel that this girl have a rough time in life at this point.

If you want a book with real feelings and interesting happenings on every page, this is the one for you!

Mikaela Lindstrand, ESA11Ri