City of bones by Cassandra Clare

This is the first part of the book series The Mortal Instruments. It’s about 15 year old Clarissa ”Clary Fray”, a normal girl living in Brooklyn, New York. The book begins when Clary and her best friend Simon are at a nightclub. Clary witness a murder committed by a group of strange-looking teenagers. One of the killers, Jace, claims that they have killed a vampire. Clary calls for help, but discovers that she’s the only one who can see these strange people.

The next day Clary overhears her mother and her mothers friend Luke having a strange conversation. Clary’s mother tells her that they are going to move away for the summer, which upsets Clary. She leaves the house in anger with Simon, and together they go to a coffee shop.

When Clary once again sees Jace outside the coffee shop she runs after him, leaving Simon all alone. She confronts him and Jace tells her he is something called a shadowhunter, who hunts down and kill demons.

When Clary’s mother gets kidnapped, Clary is dragged into a whole new world full of shadowhunters, demons and downworlders (half human, half demons). What will she discover, and what secrets will be uncovered?

If you’re a fan of low fantasy, supernatural creatures in a non-fictional world and love the idea of a teenage girl dragged into a mysterious world this is the right book for you. It’s really easy to get stuck in and it’s hard to put it down. Even though I read it in English I didn’t feel like it was a problem ’cause the language was simple to understand. So if you think it’s hard to read in English this is a perfect book for you. The book contains a lot of plot twits, making you gasp in surprise.

Personally I really loved this book. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Elin Jansson, ESA11 Ri

Switched by Amanda Hocking

What is it like to have no father but a mother who claims that she's not your mother and then tries to end your life? Well Wendy knows what it’s like. Her father is dead and her mother tried to kill her the day Wendy turned six.
Wendy had a hard time at school and everything because it’s like she doesn’t fit in anywhere so she transferred school many times. In the newest school there is an attractive but mystical guy named Finn. He knows the truth about Wendy, the truth Wendy wanted to know her whole life. When Finn appears outside her window one night her life takes a completely different turn than she expected it to. But what secrets will she learn from him and what is a Trylle? Was her mother right?
Soon Wendy is on her way to a place called Förening where she will learn more about her true life. To her surprise she is a princess in this hidden part of America and when she learns that, her life turns again.
Personally I think this was one of the best books I’ve ever read it was so good that I almost couldn’t stop reading. The language contains both harder parts and easier parts so I think most people can read it. And if you like to read a thrilling book with supernatural things that lives in our world but very much hidden from us then read this. In my opinion it’s a better story than Twilight and The Hunger games. So if you are sitting at home a rainy day take a cup of tea and a blanket together with this book and you’ll be sitting for hours because you can’t stop reading.
Cecilia, ESA11 Ri


Life on the refrigerator door by Alice Kuipers

Claire is fifteen years old. She lives in a house together with her mom and rabbit Peter.
Claire is busy with school, boyfriends and shopping a normal teenager’s lifestyle. Claire’s mother runs back and forth from her work at the hospital as a midwife.

In their both stressful lives, they find no time to socialize or talk to each other, even do they live in the same house. They communicate through post- it notes on the refrigerator door. We follow their journey through post- it notes until one day when the note says something more than just go buy some milk. Something awful, something that changes both Claire and her mother’s life. Both their thoughts starts to spin around concern and regret, and you notice that there is a lot of love behind all the little fuss.

The book is unique in its own way, each page is a post- it lap.
Absolutely readable book, you get a eye opener after reading this book. That we should take advantage of the time we have. Nowadays we’re almost texting more with each other than we talk in real life. I think it’s a little of that the author Alice Kuipers want to get up to the readers.
I would really recommend this book to people in my own age and older.

Meja, ESB12 Ri


Life on the refrigerator door by Alice Kuipers

Clarie is a 15 year old teenager, her parents are divorced so she lives home with her mom. But even if they live together that dosen’t mean that they speak to each other. Clarie’s mom works all the time and never has t1me to be at home. Clarie is busy with school, friends, shopping and her new boyfriend. The only way they talk to each other is by putting notes on the refrigerator door. But one day when Clarie comes home isn’t the note the same and everything in their life changes.

This book is a book that is written in a very specially way based on just notes. What Alice Kuipers wanted to get out of this book, I think is how much you can get said so few words. Also that you should take advantage of the time you have with each other.
The book will make you think a little more about life and that you should be grateful for everything you have. Things you take for granted can disappear when you least expect it.
So if you are looking for a quick but heartfelt book I really recommend it.

Frida Töndel, ESB12 Ri