You against me by Jenny Downham

Ever since Mikey McKenzie’s sister reported Tom Parker for the rape he has been taking care of everything. Take Holly to school, do everything Karyn used to do and be in time to work. It’s all Tom’s fault and he decides to go and beat him down, for Karyn.

Ellie Parker hasn’t been herself since her brother was reported for a rape on a girl. The fact that she is the only witness doesn’t make it better. She tries to ask Tom what really happened but he just shakes his head and refuses to tell her anything. 

When Mikey first shows up at Ellie’s house she doesn’t know who he is. He starts talking to her, hoping she will give him information about Tom, but there is something special about her and his first plan doesn’t seem so important anymore.

While reading, you don’t get to know what really happened, if it’s Karyn or Tom that is lying and that’s what makes me want to read more. If you like to read books where the relationships are in focus I recommend this one. It’s perfect on a rainy day with a blanket and a cup of tea.

Matilda, ESB12 Ri