Dear Nobody av Berlie Doherty

Chris and Helen are teenagers and they are in love, they can't imagine a life without each other. Then the unthinkable happens - Helen gets pregnant. Months after Chris is preparing to leave for college when a box filled with letters fron Helen arrives. All letters begins with "Dear Nobody". In her loneliness and fear Helen has written to the life inside her calling him/her "Nobody". Because she doesn't want "Nobody".

The story is told from Chris's point of view and in each chapter there is a letter to "Nobody". As the story continues Helen and Chris have to make choices, if they want to live togehter or separate what is going to happen to "Nobody".

Dear Nobody is a very emotional story, it's not only the relationship between Chris and Helen; it is the relationship between them and each their families. Chris whose mother left him, his father and brother when he was still a child. Helen fear for her relationship with her mother, father and grandparents. Both their fear for what is going to happen to them in the chaos that is breaking out.

The book was very godd and I was glued to the pages til the end. I felt with the characters: their fear, their anger, their sorrow, their desperation and confusion. How life can take such a different turn from one day to another. It is real life, something like this could happen but it could turn out in a complete different way.

Teresa, BFES09H Risbergska